Mindfulness Workshops

Mindfulness workshops are an opportunity to have in-depth experiences with Annharriet and take advantage of her vast training and expertise. These workshops are designed to help you cultivate mindfulness and elicit inner wisdom.

Annharriet_Mindfullness_Retreats_credit Half day, full day and two day workshops in private settings give the opportunity to separate from daily distractions and learn skills to reveal your most creative solutions to life's challenges. During out workshop you will learn:
  • meditation techniques,
  • mindfulness practices,
  • three-dimensional thinking,
  • imagery skills,
  • journaling methods and much more to enrich your mind and heart.
These exercises offer you surprising insights during the workshop and provide tools for maintaining clarity and equanimity after you return home. Annharriet offers mindfulness workshops for:
  • small groups of eight to ten people, and
  • larger groups of 20 to 100 people.
"When I gather my favorite women for a weekend of inspiration and mindfulness, Annharriet is the person I always want to conduct our retreats. She has provided us with meaningful experiences that my friends talk about years later and that have enriched my life immeasurably."


…A. Viator, Business woman, Promoter, former vice-president National Theater Washington DC.

To arrange Mindfulness Workshops for employees, work teams, colleagues, club members, students, family members and friends: