Personal Coaching

Annharriet has provided personal coaching for private clients, guests in Health Spa settings, and patients in medical settings for over three decades. Annharriet also provides telephone coaching for clients on several continents.


Whether sitting across from Annharriet in person, or listening to her soothing voice by phone, clients feel an immediate warmth and support that helps reduce challenges to manageable dimensions.

Drawing on her vast education and her experience advising highly successful individuals, Annharriet has a repertoire of skill sets to get to the bottom of the wide variety of problems that are brought to her.

  • Techniques for managing stress
  • Skills for navigating life transitions
  • Relationship issues
  • Finding balance in life
  • Cultivating mindfulness
  • Exercises to keep your brain young
  • Pain relief and reduction
Skill sets:
  • Meditation and mindfulness techniques
  • Positive psychology skills
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Guided imagery
  • Psychological types training
  • Neurological aerobics
  • Biofeedback to manage health challenges
  • Managing loss and grief
  • Breaking through writers block
"Annharriet Buck has been my personal coach for five years now. We started working together by phone for almost a year before we actually met at the Golden Door. Through her valuable insights my practice has improved in the following ways:
  • discovering how to develop my Intuitor style into a strength and adapt to my Feeler style;
  • expressing issues that need an interior focus by writing four-line haikus;
  • "neurobics" (doing things you never did before) to keep the brain young;
  • creating a personal ritual for sleep therapy, like parking my electronics in a lacquer tray at bedtime.
Annharriet brings her contemplative practice to our coaching relationship. In my mindfulness practice, our focus on inner work sharpens my awareness to distinguish between looking and seeing, doing and being. I find that even though our sessions are by phone, that has no effect on the quality of our interaction. Her insights and assignments strengthen my capacity to operate from my strengths and continue to grow." …Angelica Berrie, President, The Russell Berrie Foundation, CEO, Kate's Paperie NY

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